We are working with Customers and their Insurance Companies to re-roof Hail Damaged homes.

weather damage speciliast Over time your roof will experience Weather Damage to the point that a new roof replacement is needed to protect your home from leaks, warped-rotted plywood, and mold build up. The elements of winter and summer take a toll on your homes roof shingles. The granules on shingles installed in the 1990’s and early 2000’s slowly deteriorate in the weathers assault. At Weather Damage Roofing, we are Specialists in complete tear off and replacement of your roof. Our professional installation crew will install a high quality new roof on your home at a great price.

Elements in our expert installation of your new roof

Pic 1 Elements

Pic 2 Tear Off We recommend the complete tear off of your old roof… at no extra charge!

We highly recommend the complete tear off of your shingles down to the plywood. Over time the underside of an older roof may produce moisture resulting in mold build up. When new shingles are installed over existing old shingles, we are not able to inspect to see if the plywood sheathing has been compromised and if the sheathing has rotted out in areas of the roof. The other advantages of tearing off your old shingles are (1) The new shingles “lay” smoother and look better, (2) It is much less likely that high winds will blow off the shingles, (3) The new shingles wear longer when they are not nailed through the old shingles, and (4) You do not have the excessive weight of 2 or more rows of shingles. And the good financial news is we do not charge additional money to take off and haul away your existing shingles.

Pic 3 Durable We only use the most professional grade durable roofing on the market

We not only use the top brands of roofing shingles, but the highest grade of these brands. Thickness of the shingle and wind storm rating are important factors when choosing which shingles you will put on your home. Paying a little more for a product is a wise long term decision.

IKO – Owens Corning – Certain Teed – GAF – and more!

Pic 4 Flashing We make sure your roof is Water Tight with special Flashing and Sealers

We always error on the side of professional caution when it comes to making sure your roof is water tight after we complete your new roof. Going further than what most companies provide, we are interested in making your new roof water tight for a lifetime. We double many of the elements used to seal your roof from special caulking, flashing, baby-tins, and Ice & Water Shield. You can be confident that we will always look out for your best interest when installing your new roof.

Pic 5 Protect Roof We protect your roof

We protect your new roof every step of the way We will not destroy your new roof while installing your new roof! Sounds crazy, but some companies are very careless when installing a new roof and actually create minor damage that compromises the longevity of your shingles.  

We supervise to ensure your complete satisfaction

We supervise your job so you are 100% Satisfied… Guaranteed! With top notch supervision and the desire to give you an expert installation, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. This is our promise to you.

Pic 6 Supervisor


The result is a Job that is professionally done… and looks great!

Pic 7 Looks Great  Pic 8 Job Well Done

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